The Merging of Artist and Audience: How Games will Redefine Fame

With Kim Kardashian’s game raking in $75 million last year and on track to take in $200 million this year, it’s no news that games and celebrities can have a symbiotic relationship.  What I think will be more surprising is just how far this connection between game players and celebrities can go, and how culturally…

Permanent Record

The paradox of online worlds I’ve been playing a board game called Risk Legacy, the latest incarnation of the classic board game, and it features a surprising take on the role of permanence in games. Over multiple playthroughs the rules and board will actually permanently change based on what happens in each game. Winning the…


‘You Have Died of Dysentery’: How Games Will Revolutionize Education

What do you know about the Oregon Trail?  I’m willing to be that your knowledge on the subject is gained almost entirely from the thusly-named game, where your typical quest across the country saw your resources dwindle, your family members drop one by one from accidents and disease, ending all too often with words ‘You…

Real Crime in Virtual Worlds

What are the stories of the every day world that most interest us? Turning on the TV we can see it on the news: car chases, pursuits, shootouts, crime and punishment, justice served or not. It strikes me how little events like these affect the lives of their onlookers, and how that contrasts to the…

Phoenix Car Chase

On Technology, Games, and Opportunity

    We live in a world where a vast number of people walk around with what would previously have been considered supercomputers in their pocket. Each of these enormously powerful machines remains in high-bandwidth connection with every other connected machine in the world. Clearly we have arrived in the future. What are we doing…

Discovering Our Game’s Identity By Losing Its Name

Half-way through development of our social drawing game Picture This (a social implementation of the party game telephone Pictionary), an iOS game came out with that name.  The disappointment of this event cannot be understated, we’d all grown pretty attached to that name, but one must adapt and soldier on, and sometimes things turn out…