Vessel on PS3

It’s official, we’re launching Vessel on PS3 as a console exclusive March 11th! We’ve spent the last several months optimizing it down to the hardware and it’s smooth as butter now, the game is perfect for console and we’re really excited to get it out there. We’re also announcing the launch of our exclusive Vessel […]

Universe Sandbox

‘You Have Died of Dysentery’: How Games Will Revolutionize Education

What do you know about the Oregon Trail?  I’m willing to be that your knowledge on the subject is gained almost entirely from the thusly-named game, where your typical quest across the country saw your resources dwindle, your family members drop one by one from accidents and disease, ending all too often with words ‘You […]


Perseverance: Co-op Puzzle Game

I went to the ‘House of Games’ game jam this weekend and ended up creating something pretty interesting with some pretty talented people there. We decided on a genre of games that I think is somehow one of the least common and yet easiest to make something interesting: the multiplayer puzzle game.   Our game […]

Looking For a Good Sort

By Tony Albrecht. Vessel for PlayStation 3 has finally been submitted to Sony for approval so I have a little more time to write up some of the optimisation challenges we had to overcome during its porting process. Well, OK, I don’t really have any more time but I’ll try to write a bit more about […]


A Profiling Primer

By Tony Albrecht. The most interesting thing about this port is the optimisation feat ahead of us. Vessel was already (mostly) running on the PS3 at the start, but needed to run much, much faster. So, where does one begin? The first thing you need to do, is profile it – if you don’t know […]


Any Port in a Storm

By Tony Albrecht. The Overbyte team has been busy beavering away on a number of projects over the last few months, but there is one that I thought might be of interest to a few programmers out there. We recently started work on a PlayStation 3 port of the successful Indie PC title, Vessel, and […]

Phoenix Car Chase

Real Crime in Virtual Worlds

What are the stories of the every day world that most interest us? Turning on the TV we can see it on the news: car chases, pursuits, shootouts, crime and punishment, justice served or not. It strikes me how little events like these affect the lives of their onlookers, and how that contrasts to the […]


Permanent Record

The paradox of online worlds I’ve been playing a board game called Risk Legacy, the latest incarnation of the classic board game, and it features a surprising take on the role of permanence in games. Over multiple playthroughs the rules and board will actually permanently change based on what happens in each game. Winning the […]


On Technology, Games, and Opportunity

    We live in a world where a vast number of people walk around with what would previously have been considered supercomputers in their pocket. Each of these enormously powerful machines remains in high-bandwidth connection with every other connected machine in the world. Clearly we have arrived in the future. What are we doing […]