Strange Loop Games

Our goal at Strange Loop is to create games that use the massive power of today’s video-game hardware for gameplay, not just graphics. We aim to use deep, interactive simulations to create gameplay that wouldn’t be possible on hardware five or ten years ago, exploring the boundaries of what can be done within a game.

Strange Loop Games is a new indie startup located in Seattle. Vessel is our first title as a studio and is currently in development, with releases planned for console and PC. Our engine is custom built and specializes in physics and fluid simulation.


The Team

Our studio is founded by John Krajewski and Martin Farren, coders in the games industry who have branched off to start something new.

John Krajewski is studio head of Strange Loop Games, and works on design, production, and simulation programming. Formerly he was an AI programmer at EA in Brisbane, Australia. His interests in games are all things simulation-related (physics and fluid, AI, cultural, economic)

Stuart Denman is Technical Director and has a broad background designing and engineering games, game engines and servers for consoles, mobile devices, and the web. His leadership at Surreal Software and Midway games built a top-tier engineering team over his 17 year career. At Strange Loop, he continues to innovate by building new mobile and social game experiences.

Milenko Tunjic is our art director and will be in charge of building the visuals of the unique universe of Vessel. Milenko brings 19 years of professional artistic experience to the table across all forms, from traditional painting to 3d modeling to animation.

Mark Filippelli is lead artist and will be designing and building the unique visual appearance of Vessel. Mark has an extensive background at several large studios including EA, Brisbane.