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‘Eco Alpha 5 : Ecosystem Release’ Announced, October 3rd!

September 19, 2016
Following up on our Alpha 4 Economy Release, we’re releasing the last build before beta, Alpha 5, Ecosystem Release.


This build focuses on building out the climate model, farming model, plants and animals, and player avatars.  Things you’ll find in this build (enable pictures for screenshots):

  • Climate model.  Air pollution from human sources will contribute to the C02 content of the atmosphere, raising global temperatures (potentially destroying farms and biomes) and melting ice caps to raise the sea level.


  • Farming model.  Plants and animals now rely on temperature and soil moisture, which can be impacted by a number of factors, both natural and man-made. Farming becomes a lot more about planning and irrigating the land and understanding the impact and where crops will grow best.

  • Irrigation model.  Players can now build aqueducts to transport water over long distances to irrigate crops and supply buildings.  This will be key for building the large-scale farms needed to succeed in the game.  In the screenshot below you can see how water travels much further in an aqueduct than in an uncontained channel, and the spread of water into the surrounding land that results.


  • World Layers. To support these systems and many others we’ve introduced a World layers system, where multiple layers determine values on the surface of the world, changing over time. We’ll be making these accessible to the player so they can view animations of how things like global temperature, animal populations, and pollution change over time and use it in arguments for laws.  The image below is the new control panel on the server.


  • New plants and animals. We’re adding a lot more depth to the ecosystem with a new set of plants and animals.



  • Avatars. We’re creating player models and a clothing system which will give boosts to activities.


Alpha 4 is for sale now at strangeloopgames.com/eco and all buyers will get Alpha 5 (and all future versions including Steam) free when it comes out.


Thanks for supporting us, it was amazing to meet so many people interested in the game at PAX, and having this kind of support while we complete the game has been extremely encouraging.  Lots more to come and we’re excited to hear your feedback as we get there.

The Eco Team is a collection of introverted and sometimes genius programmers/designers based in Seattle and Australia. We all grew up and thrive in the video game culture, so of course making them is our dream job. We look forward to continuing to put out quality games for the community of players.

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  • netspend

    Nobody can reject the info you have given in the blogs, this is actually a great work.

  • Snorre Ledal

    I just want to say that the game looks soo good! It have been very long time since I have found souch a complexs game with so many futeres and commung futeres 😀 I realy hope that this is going to be a real takeoff! Honoest opinion is that this maby will work and look like a AAA game 🙂

  • Jacob

    Where can I post bugs I have found in current release? I get “Forbidden” any time I try to either log in or register to the forum

  • Daan Krijnen

    Found this game by the sponsored messages on my facebook feed.

    It certainly seems a very interesting and fun game to play with a large group and I’ll be following the development until I get time to play the game.

    I can translate to Dutch if you ever want to implement that 🙂

  • Matt

    I also stumbled on to your website and if I had time I would definitely want to play in your software.

  • Konstantin Gusev

    Hey there, I’ve found your project by accident, but in got me interested. The idea is awesome and I think it’ll be a banger. I’m can’t code at all, but I can offer my help and make a quality translation of the game from English into Russian. If you’re interested – hit me up 😉

      • Konstantin Gusev

        Looking forward to it!
        I just realized how many typos there are in my message. That’s ironic haha.

  • KevenH


    First You made a awesome job !

    2. Are you going in the future add pvp features ?

    3. And when the Alpha 5 going out for server side can we just update or we need to do a WIPE server thanks.

    Sorry for my english i’m french 🙂

    • Moses Torres

      Can someone give me a free key

      (just thought I ask)

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