Vessel early tech

Now that the game is done and out and people have had a chance to play it, I wanted to show the very earliest beginnings of the game.  It’s a good feeling to go back and watch these, see how far we’ve come, while still seeing the seeds of what would eventually become the game.  There’s also a few directions we didn’t go in that are interesting as well.  You also get a glimpse of how the tech for the Fluros works, in its early form.


Here’s a video from the very start of Vessel’s development, creating the liquid physics engine. As you can see it’s made up of a bunch of particles which exhibit pressure on each other, surface tension, and viscosity among other forces.

Above is what will become ‘Fluros’ in the final game – attractive structures that have a pull on liquid.


Here’s a demo of our tech combining AI and liquid physics, allowing our creatures in the game to influence the liquid in the world. The grid that appears at the end is the sorting algorithm we use to speed up liquid processing.

An early protoype of Vessel, pre-art. You can see this video shows a different direction than the final game went, we eventually focused it on the Fluro creatures in the game, creating and destroying them, as we felt they were the most interesting. But this video is fun.

Kubiro-Shoe Mario was our character for many months before we designed the game, and he served us well.

Here’s an example of the Fluros starting to reach their potential, folding out of a puddle and forming a bridge. Not a creature we used in the final game but he does have some flair.


Demo of the tech we used for making liquids glow. We use a clustering algorithm to identify key points to put point-lights which vary in brightness depending how dense the cluster is. Works pretty well even for shapes that don’t cluster well like linear lengths of sprayed liquid.



The liquid seen in these old demos now runs much faster in the final game, even after adding all the art and rendering that we did we were able to optimize an overall improvement over the years.  There’s a lot of ideas and directions in these old videos that I still think would make great mechanics once fully fleshed out, we just might have to do that in the next game.

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    That is pretty cool stuff guys! It is great to see how development process looks, how it is put together and how all this things evolve to create great game like Vessel : ) Keep on good work! Best regards, TheBBRcast crew : )