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Character Styles, Craft Tables, Food, Pollution

October 27, 2015

Big news this week if you missed it, we launched our account system, and you can now login and back the game/upgrade your pledge. Check here if you missed it: http://www.strangeloopgames.com/eco-can-now-be-backed-on-our-website/

We’re hard at work finishing the task list for alpha, and expect it to be released Mid-November. You can see our task progress below, as soon as we get those finished we launch it.

Live Streaming

We’re going to start doing weekly live-streams of the game on Fridays at 5pm Pacific Time. Everyone will be able to watch via Twitch, and Dev Tier backers and above can enter our test server and take part in the demo! We’ll email out a link to Twitch later this week, looking forward to hearing people’s comments as we demo.

Here’s the updates this week:


Eric – eric@strangeloopgames.com

Crafting is complete! Hooked up the last bit of code allowing owners of the crafting table to charge a fee for its use. You can set it up to charge whatever item you want, meat, wood, ore – anything that exists as an item in the game.

Crafting comes at a cost however, as many recipes have byproducts. For example, refining ore also generates tailings, which causes pollution. Players will have to deal with this somehow or risk destroying their world.

As a bonus, I brought stores back in. When you setup a store, you can trade goods. Need ore and only have wood? Set up a trade and other players can exchange goods with you.

Fuller – nfuller@strangeloopgames.com

Work on buildings continues. Getting the last bits nailed down to make the whole process a lot smoother.

Aside from some wrestling with bugs, I also brought back torches to light up the world. You can hold a torch and it will cast light or set the torch down. We’ll be looking at more advanced lighting techniques in the upcoming days post-alpha, but for now, you can at least find your way back home in the dark.

You can also name your buildings!

Jeff – jeff@strangeloopgames.com

Account system is ready to release to the masses! Hazza. Now onto the laws system.

John – john@strangeloopgames.com

Launched the account system with Jeff, getting prepped for Alpha, reviewing features and designing tweaks. Adding more tools to the ecosystem simulation and working to balance that. Lots of tasks lighting up finished and ready for review in our Task Tracker, which is a good feeling:

When we get all those tasks finished Alpha will be released!

K – klim@strangeloopgames.com

Created a Search and Select dialog for choosing the fee in a craft table (and later for stores):

Confirmation window

Food function and UI work finished.

Food task is finished, temp-art info panel is placed at bottom-left.

If you consume food you will see increasement( + changes)

If you do something, you will also see decreasement

And, of course, you can see detailed information with mouser over

Working on skills to make your guys power up.

Keegan – keegan@strangeloopgames.com

I’ve been working more on meteor effects and getting the log and stone building types in-game.

What a nice little stone hut you’ve built there, player! It’d be a shame if something happened to it…

Milenko – milenko@strangeloopgames.com

Finished Work on the stone hut, optimised the mesh, did another batch of UI icons, edited some textures and did some high level design prototypes for the game avatars. And started designs for all these different types of crafting tables.


Thanks and as always email us with any questions.

-John K

The Eco Team is a collection of introverted and sometimes genius programmers/designers based in Seattle and Australia. We all grew up and thrive in the video game culture, so of course making them is our dream job. We look forward to continuing to put out quality games for the community of players.

18 thoughts

  • Barbara BONKE

    Hi, my granddaughter Coco (9) discovered the ECO game by pure chance in issue #2-2017 of ‘ROBOT präsentiert Minecraft’, and we started immediately with research about the game, and then right away with watching tutorials on Youtube. Congratulations! We (I am Barbara, 80) are both enthusiastic to have finally found a game not only without killing/dying people but with the underlying concept of a sustainable world.
    We early on noticed of course the lack of female/children (!) avatars, but I see in the blogs that at least the female question has already been addressed.
    We are planning to buy the game – as soon as I have clarified some questions I/we have.
    Thank you very much for this wonderful game.

  • Lisa

    Hello, my friend and I think the game looks great and are thinking of purchasing it. We are very big fans of multiplayer, survival games and love the similarity to minecraft , but also how it opens up so many different opportunities and adventure! I was just personally wondering if in the future a Female Player Model will be available, as I am a female and it is always more fun being able to play as one.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to hear from you soon,

    Lisa S.!

    • Will

      Hi Lisa,
      I think there will be female characters in the future. I will get back to you when I get 100% confirmation.

  • Stephen Goldthorp

    How easy will it be to mod and create our own skins?
    As far as appearances.
    Minecraft was relatively easy to modify, so long as you had access to paint.
    Which in term allows for greater individualism and input by players to creating their own appearance.

  • Xperias

    What’s the name for the twitch channel? I’d like to follow them, thanks!

    • hill climb racing

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  • Milenko

    Hi there, My name is Milenko, and I am an artist responsible for creating the overall look of ECO.
    To answer your concerns, There already are both male and female avatars in the game. They are the prototype assets though, and at some point down the line will be replaced with the new, redesigned ones.
    Sketches published on the blog are just a beginning of the process and there will be many more before we get set on the style.
    The ones in the blog currently are initial research pieces, not the final direction. So there will be more designs of both sexes, and once we come up with the style we think would work, we will use that specific design, to create it’s opposite sex counterpart. So, yeah, we will get there, it is a process.
    Due to the nature of the world we are creating, they will have to be fairly generic, somewhere between Lego people and crash test dummies, with some personality on top 🙂
    Customization wise, considering the budget and the schedule, we do not have time to spend on doing fully customisable avatars (in regards to the height, weight and facial features) we can not and never did promise that. We might be able to add variety through outfit and accessories customization, and depending on our tech, we might be able to allow people to tweak the skin color of the character, but it will depend on time available. However, the intention is to make as many people playing the game as happy as possible, and offend as few as possible 🙂 Hope that helps you get the idea where we are heading. Look for more in the coming updates.

    Cheers to all,


    • Milenko

      Ah btw, if you look at our previous blog posts (blog#1) , you can see some of our previous male-female character combo designs.

  • MeteorSage

    I agree with other posts here mentioning variety for sex and skintone.
    It would also be extremely cool if yall could let people choose their facial characteristics like eye/nose/ear shape!

  • Anna

    Hi, this game is so mind-blowingly amazing as always, I’m super excited – however I noticed in the character creations… There are no female characters. As a female character myself, I would like to see some representation here.

    I know, you’re just in alpha, but if you have some extra time, please consider adding a woman! This game seems to be targeting creative people, and many creative people are women.


    • Roboex

      To expand on this, they’re all white males, it’s of course not an urgent issue as we all understand it’s not completed and this is the beginnings of the avatars being created, but I’ve seen some games released with only white avatars, though there were also very limited options for female characters there too.

      I think a lot of people like to have choice in what they feel represents them accurately 🙂

      Anyway keep up the great work! Really looking forward to the live stream!

  • SigmundGlobes

    Thanks for the great work guys! Any details on the cause of the alpha launch date slip? Expect additional delays?

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