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Eco Report # 3 New Vehicle List

March 7, 2018
First things first, we released 7.2!

This version has a ton of various fixes, and major performance improvements, with the goal of supporting 100 simultaneous players.  Still work to go on that front but made some major advances. Check out the change list here: https://ecoauth.strangeloopgames.com/changelog

And now we’re starting on the next major monthly update:

Eco Beta 8, the Vehicle Update.

Vehicles are one of the biggest aspects of Eco still left to fully flesh out, as we currently only have a few.  Their main role is to scale up the amount of resources you take from the ecosystem while also scaling up the impact players have. Think worlds covered in farms, giant strip mining pits with huge piles of tailings.  This update will include a big pack of new vehicles, and expect more to come throughout Early Access.

Here’s a look at a tentative list of what we’re thinking. PLEASE NOTE that we will probably not make all of these for the next update: some will likely be cut, or changed, so don’t get too attached yet.  We’ll keep you posted on development in the weekly Eco Reports.


This vehicle you’ll get considerably earlier than the excavator, and will be especially useful for flattening large areas, for farms cities or what have you.  You’ll also be able to scoop up dirt and put it in stockpiles easily with it. It won’t cut through stone, though, so you’ll need other vehicles for that.

Universal Steam Engine

Early prototype which will be the heart of all the steam powered machinery.


Here’s the first mechanical plow, which will let you farm at a much wider scale early on in the game. We’re also hoping to make manual powered plows, (and someday in the far future we want to add animal domestication and have animal drawn plows).


The steam-powered tractor will have a variety of attachments on the back, to allow for plowing, sowing, harvesting, fertilizing etc.  Will let you tech up your farms quite quickly with this.


For large scale harvesting of late-game farms, you can’t beat the combine. Top tier food will require massive amounts of ingredients, and you’ll need a few of these to fully supply a growing server for the last tech push to destroying the meteor.


We’ll have two varieties of elevators, one for straight drops (as you would find in a mine shaft) and another for overhangs (to hang off the side of a cliff).  This will be able to fit some of the smaller vehicles.


A higher capacity vehicle which will be able to carry the large quantities of resources these other vehicles will be producing.

Tractor / Plough

The tractor, equipped with the plough will allow players to make large fields to better scale up production. This will lead to a more efficient means of mass production.



A very powerful mining tool, the grinder will chew through mountains, supplying late-game ore supplies as well as carving out tunnels for transport.


We’ll be shipping some of these out in 1 month, on April 6th, to staging (and main Steam release a couple weeks later).


We’ve got a new roadmap!  This one lists a big list of features we want to do, and you can vote on what you’re most interested in.  Check it out here:



We’ll also keep it updated with what’s coming in the next release.  Keep in mind that community votes won’t determine what we work on, but we will definitely take it into account.


We’ve also got some new stuff coming in a couple weeks, including Localization which will have a first pass ready!  So a big thanks to the members of the community helping us translate, if you’d like to help us translate into another language join #translation-team in our Discord.

Thanks as always and let us know your feedback on Discord, Facebook, or email.


Streaming requests: streamers@strangeloopgames.com

The Eco Team is a collection of introverted and sometimes genius programmers/designers based in Seattle and Australia. We all grew up and thrive in the video game culture, so of course making them is our dream job. We look forward to continuing to put out quality games for the community of players.

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    Hätte einen Wunsch der den Straßenbau effizient und spaßig macht wäre sehr gut wenn es eine Straßenlegemaschiene gibt. ddie 2 block breit straßen legen kann was man in die Maschiene einfüllt (zb 50 Steinstraßen) und wenn man sie mit erde befüllt gleich Erdwege macht.
    Mfg. Schmidi

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    Hello, please consider electric vehicles/cars, charging stations, trains, metro stations, and/or trams. But transportation electrification would help immensely considering the game could then be played much more responsibly with the electricity coming from wind or solar generator.
    Thank you

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      Yes, electric vehicles with batteries recharging when they are stopped connected to a grid would be awesome.
      Also, nuclear powerplants would be great to increase the power generation.

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    Will the landmass increase at all. I play with 2 other ppl and our world already feels extremely small and we just started. I can circumnavigate our globe in 5 mins. All these new vehicles coming and possible new features, and I feel like it’s just going to make the the world cluttered.

    Will their be way reclaim or recycle items no longer in use.?

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    The ‘bulldozer’ looks more like a skid steer to me. I think it should probably be renamed as such and then have an actual bulldozer a little later in game alongside the excavator for larger scale work that would be able to break stone. Maybe the skid steer could ‘work’ 2 or 3 tiles wide at once and the bulldozer could do 4 or 6.

    Also really wish you guys would make these construction vehicles tracked. While, granted, there are wheeled skid steers, most construction equipment used in this capacity is tracked. It’s more stable, allows for greater mobility on an often uneven and debris laden construction site, and gives the machine more grip/traction to perform high torque jobs. I think y’all should seriously consider changing the excavator, grinder, and a future big bulldozer to tracks rather than wheels and allow them to drive over 1 block inclines either up or down. It’s also worth considering making the skid steer tracked, or having both a wheeled and tracked version.

    If you’re looking for ways to balance this, an easy balance would be to code it so that if you drive a tracked vehicle over a road it damages/destroys it and have it trample grass/bushes/crops down to dirt. It’s common knowledge that tracked vehicles are very destructive on the environment upon which they’re driving, and would definitely tear up a dirt or stone road. Perhaps asphalt roads could be immune to track damage, which would give a further incentive to build them.

    All in all, keep up the fantastic work. You guys are doing great!

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        Maybe when going straight but when they turn they rip the ground to shreds. Even going straight they do a lot of damage. Have you ever seen a skid steer in action? I used one once to flatten an area for a garden and it destroyed the grass everywhere I drove it.

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          He is right. I’m a dairy farmer and when it got muddy this spring I rented a tracked bobcat T300, this had one rubber track and a steel-track on the sides for some odd reason, but I forgot what ANY type of track does to cement and it cost me around 2k in damage after tearing the cement up and this cement was 5000 PSI cement. So yes, there is weight distribution, but for a 3 ton machine it doesn’t matter tracked or not.

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    So far we only have one option and thats to pollute with everything we do. Would be nice to be able to tame animals and use those for transport and plowing. Less efficient & fast but not polluting!!

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      To be fair, animals are far more polluting than machines for the same workload. They just don’t even compare. There’s nothing clean about using animals for work 🙂 Eco already has a few wishy-washy pseudo-ecological magic elements, and wouldn’t benefit from more IMO. Sustainable vs. non-sustainable should always be about difficult trade-offs, not pretending that the sustainable option is cheaper, more efficient and easier to build and maintain. If the option for animal work should be included in the game, it needs to come with the complications of handling animals – not pretending that animals need no care, produce no pollution, cost nothing to “build” (tame, train, grow up…) or feed. There’s good reasons why we only use animals for work rarely (e.g. in forests). The line between a great ecological educational game and a poor pseudo-ecological fairytale is difficult to walk.

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        As i said before, I’m a dairy farmer and animals do not fart very often also it is impossible for us to say we don’t produce greenhouse gases when we take shits and fart but yet people think only animals produce greenhouse gases and not humans. Also I’ve had a study done and cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, ECT… produce less greenhouse emissions combined then humans alone. Yes, animals do fart but don’t cause pollution.

        Reply if you have any questions or problems.

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      Hi there,
      instead of bulldozers, trucks and other transport machines I would love to see logging horses and oxcarts for transportation. I would also vote for a sloop, barge or a gaff-rigged cutter to transport thinks over the sea or for fishing.

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    Yes but what about landfills and the ability to take care of trash in general?

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    thought we were suppose to get the truck in this update.

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    need to fix the excavators so they can load up the stockpiles with dirt and ore also for the to load the trucks in the future

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    Hoping Boats are in there somewhere as sometimes soon too. Even a rowboat or barge (Medieval) would be nice.

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      They definitely need multiple ways to do the whole resource transportation thing. It will allow for more variation in world gen and turn something like an ocean-heavy world into an asset rather than purely a disadvantage.

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