At Strange Loop Games our focus is creating experiences that push what is possible within a game.

We are working to redefine educational games, taking an approach that pushes self-motivated learning in social worlds. Our educational games include partners such as Amplify, developing a suite of socially connected educational games and tools (Sim Cell, Cell Simulator, and Codebreakers), and the US Department of Education, who is funding a virtual world ecosystem game we’re creating called Eco.

We believe in using games as social platforms.

Crafting frameworks in which the players are partners in the endeavor, creating content and community that gives the games a deeper and richer meaning growing beyond our initial creation. Our social/mobile title Scribbly Wits is an example of this approach, using the existing incredible connectedness of players through social networks and mobile devices to create a seamless truly-social game experience.

Games are an incredibly powerful tool.

We believe in their potential to achieve higher goals beyond (but including) entertainment: education, leadership, self-drive, and social connectedness. Our background in the console gaming world (former EA and Warner Brothers employees) allows us to bring the power and production values of entertainment titles into these new worlds. We are interested in finding partners to work with creating these experiences, please contact me at if you are interested in a collaboration.

Our awards and partnerships: